The most relaxing song in the world

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The power of music in our brain has often been the subject of study and it has been proven that it is able to relax, concentrate or encourage us. Music that has a heartbeat-like rhythm may be more effective than midazolam, one of the most commonly used anxiolytics in surgery, which is why half-world surgical centers play jazz, rock, or classical music since the beginning of the last century, according to an article in the British Medical Journal.

Music can control blood pressure and heart health, according to a study by the European Society of Cardiology. There are songs that can be so relaxing that, like tranquillizers, should be banned at the wheel. This is the case of Weightless, from the Marconi Union group. A study of Radox Spa with neuromarketing company Mindlab International, led by physician David Lews-Hodgon, concluded that this song is up to 11% more reassuring than any of the selection, which included songs by Coldplay or Adele. In the eight minutes of Weighless’s duration, participants’ levels of stress and anxiety dropped to 65%, considering that they should listen to the music while trying to solve high difficulty jigsaw puzzles.

The power of this music is no coincidence, because to compose it, the British trio had the help of neurologists and sound therapists, and the score was designed specifically so that “the melody, the rhythms and the bass would help to decrease the frequency heart, reduce blood pressure and levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, “according to the study’s authors. For this, the song’s rhythm is 60 beats per minute (BPM), which reduces heart rate to the level of the brain’s Alpha waves.


Listen to the 10 songs highlighted in the study as the most relaxing songs in the world:


Have you recovered from the sensation of extreme relaxation and drowsiness? If your idea is to use this playlist to also calm your baby and put him to sleep, then we have an even better suggestion for you.
Psychologists Caspar Addyman and Lauren Stewart of the University of London have created, along with singer-songwriter Imogen Heap (a Grammy winner in 2010 for the album Ellipse), the first song scientifically composed to “bring happiness and laughter to the babies of 6 to 24 months, “say the authors. It is titled The Happy Song and was tested with 56 children, monitoring their reactions. They ensure that it worked:

Source: EL PAÍS

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