The Importance of a Good Night’s Sleep

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When we finally decide to have a healthier lifestyle, we focus only on eating better and practicing exercise. However, we can not leave aside the rest, a necessity as basic as sleep and that has a paramount importance in our well-being.

Sleep well can be considered a status symbol because it is something rare and unattainable for many people today. The main result of a badly sleepless night is the low performance of the body in attending daily activities as well as the health effects. Poor sleep impairs the metabolism and synthesis of some hormones, favoring various diseases such as obesity and depression.

Check out the main benefits that a good night’s sleep, within many, can do for our health:

  • Prevents obesity

During sleep our body produces leptin, a hormone capable of controlling the sensation of satiety, so people who have difficulties in sleeping produce less of this substance.

  • Fight against hypertension

A study by the University of Chicago in the United States of America has shown that uninterrupted deep sleep is related to good blood pressure levels.

  • Strengthens memory

A study by the University of Lubeck in Germany says that people who get a good night’s sleep absorb better information from day to day than those who spend long periods without sleep.

  • Promotes physical performance

When we sleep deep and uninterrupted, our body begins to produce growth hormone, responsible for muscle growth and good physical performance. This substance only begins to be produced after half an hour of sleep.

  • Sleep in day, more alert brain

Neuroscientist Dalva Poyares, a specialist in sleep disorders, explains that sleep influences not only brain functions, but also the whole organism. “We spend a third of our lives sleeping and it is during sleep that several processes occur, such as temperature regulation, cerebral blood flow, consolidation of memories and learning and regulation of chemicals that act as neurotransmitters in the brain” , complete.
Dalva Poyares, attentive that only sleeping well is that we manage to keep our minds and organs, such as the liver and heart, functioning optimally throughout the day. Taking care of resting the necessary daily hours makes us more able to face the challenges of everyday life.


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