Tips for a good night’s sleep

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The sleep hygiene of the Portuguese can be improved through some simple everyday habits. Paula Pinto, secretary of the APS, leaves some practical tips for a deep and restful sleep.

Regular hours

  • Pick up and lie down at the same time, even at the weekend
  • Avoid naps. If you feel the need to do them, do them in the beginning of the afternoon, in a maximum of 30 minutes;
  • Avoid falling asleep on the couch after dinner.
  • Sleep the required number of hours (usually 7 to 8 hours of sleep)


  • Pick up sun
  • Do not wear sunglasses during the morning
  • Take breaks from outdoor work
  • Work in a well-lit environment

During the night

  • Do not have TV in the room and do not use a computer or tablets before bed
  •  Keep the room dark, quiet, and comfortable
  • Use the room only for sleep and go to bed only when you are asleep
  • Stay in bed only while you sleep
  • If you wake up at night and stay awake more than 20-30 minutes you should get up, leave the room and do something that relaxes you and is not stimulating; avoid exposing to intense lighting

Create a relaxing bedtime routine

  • Adopt your sleep ritual: reading a book, listening to relaxing music, taking a shower, brushing your hair, going for a walk …
  • Use a comfortable bed and cushion
  • Do not take daily concerns into bed… relax!

Source: APS

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