6 reasons to buy a mattress cover

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Using a mattress protector / protector can be very advantageous because the mattress protector serves as a support, increasing the life of the bed, preventing accidents such as food stains and drinks, preventing damage by pets. Here are some of the advantages of using a guard:


  • Ensures good looks

The great advantage of using a shelter is that it gives a good appearance to the bed, offering a neat and pleasant look with models with patterns and elegant finishes.
The quality of the shelf will make a difference, so look for one of quality.


  • Prevents the proliferation of mites

In addition to the proper hygiene and daily habits required, such as letting the bed air for half an hour before doing so, shelter plays an important role in this matter.
Cleaning a mattress daily is not a simple task, unlike what happens with the resguardos. With them, you can cleanse more thoroughly and more regularly, especially if there are cases of allergies and respiratory diseases, thus preventing the proliferation of mites and other discomforts.


  • Leaves the mattress always clean

Pet dust and fur accumulate easily in any corner of the house. In addition to a less hygienic environment, it can also create a series of health problems or decrease the durability of the furniture.
The same thing happens with the bed, so its use becomes critical as it keeps the mattress free from impurities and other particles resulting from sweat, oiliness and dead skin cells.


  • Ensures durability

Most mattresses have a certain expiration date, however, it is not always possible to follow the indications and precautions recommended by the manufacturer. For this reason, the shelf life and expiration date will be lower than recommended. The use of the shelter ensures a greater durability, protecting the mattress from damages resulting from its use.


  • Prevents loss of warranty

In order to have the mattress guarantee until the end of its validity, it is important to have some primary care and, especially, to avoid that the damages are caused by you. That means, in some cases, the warranty does not cover the real problem if there is another, such as patches or tears caused by animals.
With the shelf, the mattress is protected and the probability of pouring some liquid or bits of food and this causes a stain is much lower.


  • No need for protective plastic

When buying a new mattress it is normal to take extra care and maintain for some time the plastic protection that comes in it. However, it is uncomfortable and causes uncomfortable noises.
For this reason, it is recommended that you buy the shelf as soon as you get a new mattress and lose the fear of causing some damage, definitely ending with the use of plastic.

Source: Casas Franklin


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